I believe we all have fires to fight. They may leave us damaged, but they also give us an opportunity for growth.
My personal fires include breast cancer and before that, the premature birth of my son. These experiences changed me. At a young age, I discovered a new perspective on life. I consider this a gift. And I want to share it with you.


From the Fire is a thought blog curated from my experiences as a new preemie mom, a recent cancer survivor, and a long-time over-thinker. My hope is that it helps you grow from difficult situations; encourages you to live your best life; and inspires you to thrive in spite of your own fires.



Nicole Dorion
daughter  |  twin  |  wife  |  mother  |  friend

writer  |  thinker  |  creator  |  survivor

food-lover  |  beach-goer  |  nature-seeker

mindful   |   thoughtful  |   grateful

forever hopeful

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